"Floaters" is a thought-provoking series that delve into the mysteries of the universe and the human experience. Through an exploration of the celestial and the divine, this collection invites us to consider the ways in which our perceptions of reality are shaped by our beliefs and desires.
The three pieces, "Divine", "Eve", and "Chalice", each present a unique interpretation of the eternal questions that have plagued humanity since time immemorial.
The abstract and enigmatic forms depicted in these images hint at something greater than ourselves, reminding us of the infinite potential and wonder of the universe. As we gaze upon these pieces, we are invited to contemplate the nature of reality, the meaning of existence, and the role of the human spirit in shaping the world around us. The "Floaters" collection is a powerful reminder of the beauty and mystery of the universe, and the human capacity for transcendence.

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