"Inflation of Deception: Dadaist Defiance" employs the aesthetics of surrealism to present a potent critique of the narratives that often surround acts of aggression. Within this 3D motion design piece, familiar icons of cultural shifts - Duchamp's defiant Fountain and the gilded bust of Lenin - undergo a playful transformation, inflating into vibrant, whimsical shapes, challenging the gravity they traditionally represent.
The inflation of these figures serves as a striking metaphor for the bloated narratives and distortions that often rationalize and normalize acts of power and aggression, drawing a parallel with the recent geopolitical scenario.

Subverting the viewer's expectations, the piece uses these contrasting symbols to convey a silent yet powerful protest against oppressive regimes. The visual journey through the piece, set against a background of soothing elevator music and ambient noise, becomes a reflection on the complex interplay between truth and power, and the role of art in challenging, revealing, and reshaping perceptions of reality.

"Inflation of Deception: Dadaist Defiance" invites introspection into the inherent distortions in our narratives, revealing the surreal palette that can paint our grim realities. Through this lens, the piece becomes more than just a creative endeavor; it's a testament to art's transformative potential, demonstrating how it can question, challenge, and illuminate the world around us.
Created by Mário Domingos (SNDAYS)
Audio by Folding Waves
Inflation of Deception: Dadaist Defiance
Pixel pigment on digital canvas

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