Mário Domingos
3D Motion Designer • Digital Artist
Hey there!

My name is Mario Domingos, proudly wearing the badge of "Industry Dinosaur", I'm a passionate Digital Artist born in Lisbon and currently based in Dublin.

Throughout my career I've worked in all areas of 3D Animation and VFX and that helped me develop a strong background in 3D Motion Design.

I now focus on exploring the possibilities of 3D Design doing mostly Style-Frames, Look Dev, FX RnD and developing my personal artistic work and brand.

I love exploring until I stumble upon that unexpected serendipitous moment that unveils something new. For this, I have chosen Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Redshift as my main tools.

Throughout the years I've been lucky to work for brands like Apple, IBM, Amazon, NEFLIX, NBA with super talented teams at studios such as BUCK, PSYOP, BNS, Los York, Mainframe, PlusOne.

I'm based in Europe but I'm well used to working with teams at other time zones so if we are a few hours apart that wont be a problem.

If you need a hand with any of your projects or just want to say - Hi! - Feel free to reach me at: mario@mariodomingos.com

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