“Distortions” is an ongoing project that explores the concept of distorted reality through a series of abstract and surreal images.

The project includes both static and animated pieces created using different digital mediums, including generative AI tools, offering various ways to view the collection.

The floating shapes depicted represent the potential for our perspectives to be distorted and influenced by our experiences, biases, and conditions.

The project invites viewers to question their own perceptions of reality and consider the ways in which their experiences and biases have shaped their understanding of the world around them. By showcasing intricate details and textures of each shape, the project prompts viewers to contemplate a deeper meaning behind each image.

Through this project, we can see how exploring different digital mediums can offer unique perspectives on the theme of distorted reality, reminding us of the infinite potential of the human spirit and the power we all have to shape our own realities.

Being minted on MakersPlace and Objkt.com